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Zap Double Trouble 1,200,000 V Stun Gun

Zap Double Trouble 1,200,000 V Stun Gun

Product Description

Double the trouble, double the zap.

The Zap Double Trouble stun gun is now available.

double trouble zap stun gun, double trouble, stun guns for sale, ZAPDTThe Double Trouble stun gun is more effective than most stun guns because of the space between the contacts. The greater the space, the greater the effect. Most stun guns only have 1.5". The Double Trouble has 5" between each set of contact probes.

Contains the following features:
  • Rubber Coated Soft Contour Grip to make it easy to hold and hang on to.
  • Safety switch is on the top with a red LED on/off indicator to let you know if the stun gun is ready to fire.
  • Uses three CR123A batteries (included).
  • Also comes with a hand strap and FREE Nylon Carrying Case with Belt Clip ($15.00 Value).
  • Only 6.25" long.
  • Weighs just 6.9 oz.

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Lithium Battery

Review of the Zap Double Trouble Stun Gun

By Fabiola Castillo

Do you feel safe when you walk to your car at night? Do you feel safe when you leave your college campus late at night? Do you want peace of mind without the associated baggage of carrying a handgun or firearm?

Introducing the mighty Double Trouble stun gun by Zap products. This stun gun is very easy to carry in the hand since it conforms to your fist. But do not let its looks fool you. By the looks of this item, one would mistake it for a Batarang found on Batgirl’s utility belt. However, this item can do more what a Batarang was intended for. At 1,200,000 V, you can wield this machine against your assailant and watch him drop to his knees right away.

By carrying this item in your hand, a simple pull of the trigger using your index finger will fire this self defense weapon and cause the two pairs of electrodes to fire up and delivery shocking bad news to your attacker.

This unit measures 6.25" x 3.75” x 1.25". It contains a black and green rubber coated housing and operates on three (3) CR123A 3 V lithium batteries (included). This dynamic tool weighs only 6.9 oz. Even if the batteries were discharged, you can still use this item as a hand tool. When you hold this item in your fist, this tool can be used as a punching weapon since each of the two pairs of electrodes protrude past your knuckles. These extensions of your hand can function as “claws” used to scratch or poke the offender in the eyes and face. You could not do that with a C2 Taser stun gun or any of the “boxy” looking stun guns on the market. The Zap Double Trouble stun gun definitely will stop him in his tracks while buying you time to escape.

Included with the Double Trouble stun gun is a nylon holster/carrying case. The Double Trouble fits nicely into the nylon case which has a flip top Velcro closure to maintain the weapon in its holster. In addition, there a metal belt clip on the back side of the nylon case that allows you to carry this unit on your belt or on the inside part of your purse.

The Double Trouble stun gun fits perfectly in your fist. Using your thumb, you can flip the on switch which will power up a red LED indicator light signifying that the unit is live and ready for action. In the off position, the unit will not function even if the trigger is depressed. This helps to prevent any accidental discharge of the weapon.

Personal safety is always a concern on the minds of many women today. With this product, you can rest assured that you are getting what you pay for. However, knowing what to target on your attacker is just as important. When using the Double Trouble stun gun you want to focus on the perpetrator’s face, shoulders, midsection, and groin. He will love the groin part since his manhood could be fried off. I think you get the picture.

The physiological effects of the Double Trouble stun gun are as follows:

  • Shocking the attacker for ¼ second will startle him and give him some pain and muscle contraction.
  • For 1 to 4 seconds, he will experience muscle spasms and mental confusion.
  • For 5 full seconds, he will experience loss of balance and voluntary muscle control along with total mental confusion and disorientation.
Always keep stun guns away from children since these are not toys. These are self defense items. Always check your batteries to ensure that you have a fully charged unit that is ready for use whenever you leave your house or your job.

Remember that the safety of you and your family members should always come first.

Fabiola Castillo is a marketer for the website NinjaCOPS SuperStore. This website specializes in selling stun guns for sale, telescopic stun batons, Mace pepper spray, nunchaku training videos, and many other self defense products.

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