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Telephone Equipment

Record every conversation with a digital voice recorder. Or disguise your voice over the telephone with a voice changer. NinjaCOPS offers a selection of telephone equipment below, including digital voice recorders and telephone voice changers.

Change Your Phone Voice at a Press of a Button

By Tom Rasmussen

Telephone voice changer is a device that disguises your voice at a press of a button by giving you complete control over your voice quality. It can be easily connected to a telephone or a cell phone. Voice changers for fixed phones are plugged into the modular jack meant for handset. Certain economical voice changers can simply operate by keeping them on the mouthpiece of phone. They work well on mobiles, cordless phones, pay phones, etc. Most mobile phones have a mating plug to power hands free equipment. A voice changers can also be plugged into the same socket. Yes, it is that simple.

Today, there are varieties of phone voice changers available in the market that are equipped with multiple controls and have the potential to change the voice of a person drastically. For example, a male's voice can be changed to a female's voice and vice versa. Similarly a child's voice can be transformed to the voice of an adult. Phone voice changers are used for private investigation agencies, businesses, and individuals alike.

How do telephone voice changers work?

Human voice consists of two components:
  • Pitch-sensitive waves: Pitch-sensitive waves depend on the frequency of vibration of vocal chords.
  • Non pitch-sensitive fixed waves: Non pitch sensitive fixed waves depend on the shape of the vocal cords and vocal tract and are called formants. Formants lend a person his/her distinct voice.

Many voice changers just shift the pitch-sensitive waves and change formant while changing pitch. These do not offer good voice changing features and at times the resulting voice does not sound natural. However, high-end voice changers offer various voice-changing settings and controls as pitch is just one factor that affects voice. There are sliders for changing pitch, formant, balance, and reverb and built-in memory to save custom voice settings. These phone voice changers are more effective and provide independent control over pitch, timbre, tone, and formant of voice. Thus, with suitable slider settings, you can literally speak in any type of voice, heavy or shrill, child like or like a duck. They are very handy and portable and usually have built in hands-free facility.

Various Applications of Voice Changers

Besides playing pranks on friends by making funny or anonymous phone calls, a voice changer can be used for police interrogations, spying on a cheating spouse, finding about employees' loyalty, judging a friend's intentions, or to get rid of nuisance calls, etc. If a woman or children are alone at home, they can use a voice changer while answering calls and protect themselves.

There are many voice changers that also feature inbuilt voice tags - which offer realistic sound effects like a child's cry, doorbell ring, siren, etc. They also lend a sense of security to women who live alone. You can play some sounds when receiving an unknown phone call to pretend you are not alone at home or simply speak in male's voice. Telephone voice changers come in varied makes and models and you can select one suiting your requirements.

Tom Rasmussen has worked in the telecommunications industry for over 15 years, consulting for Fortune 500 companies phone recording needs. Get more information regarding telephone voice changer.

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