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Taser X26C

Taser X26C

Police or civilian air Taser X26C

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The Amazing Taser X26C

By Mike Kasminoff

The recent advancements in the design and technology used for weapons have presented more humane selections of weaponry. As for police chases and other law enforcement operations, security officers and personnel can now apprehend perpetrators and criminals and minimize the cases of assaults without the risk for somebody to get killed or harmed along the way. This is what Tasers are all about. In introducing the new Taser X26, the world has seen the latest innovation in electro-muscular disruption devices.

Though the Taser X26 is 60% smaller and lighter than the Taser M26, it delivers greater incapacitating power. It is engineered for full-time work, making it a great tool for people working for a security or law enforcement team. Its comprehensive Central Information Display (CID) enables countdown timer features during activation, battery level warnings as well as warranty information. Another great thing about X26 is that it is software upgradable.

The new Taser X26 is introduced as the premier law enforcement and electronic control device. This means that it has got a few more useful surprises in store for its owners. Its replaceable cartridge, which contains compresses nitrogen repulsion system, deploys stun gun like wires that can go as far as 35 feet or up to 10.6 meters. Two small probed are attached to the end. These probes transmit NMI pulses on a remote subject, giving him a powerful shock that will cause his motor activities to cease in a while. In addition, the device can work with the Taser Cam which can make audio-video recordings once the Taser's safety mode is disengaged. With that, Taser X26 have become a vital tool for all patrol level law enforcement officers around the world.

In Canada, the use and the importation of Taser X26 is limited only among law-enforcement agencies. In Estonia, it is considered as a torture device, limiting its use only among military and police force. Similar guidelines and laws are observed in France, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, and Israel. In Poland, no permission is required in buying and carrying Taser X26 and other models of Tasers, the same with the 43 states of United States of America. It is illegal for a citizen of Columbia district, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Rhode island, and Wisconsin to buy and carry Tasers.

Taser X26 is primarily intended for occupations that are dealing with security, law and order. It is geared towards delivering a more effective tactics to subdue fleeing, belligerent and potentially dangerous people, to which guns or firearms are usually used. At a maximum length of 35 feet, you can gun down a potentially dangerous subject without the need to pierce bullets into his body. The device delivers a powerful and effective form of restraint by transmitting electrical pulses, which disrupts sensory and motor functions. It can momentarily immobilize the subject more effectively than a gun shot. Hence, it puts a stop to unnecessary deadly force.

Taser X26 performs as advertised. A number of security and police officers have attested to its great power. It has become a first choice of weapon for a multitude of reasons. Now it is time for you to go and work with one.

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