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Streetwise SW3N1 Rechargeable Security Guard--600,000 V Stun Baton

Streetwise SW3N1 Rechargeable Security Guard--600,000 V Stun Baton
Item# SW3N1

Product Description

Streetwise 600k 3 In 1 Rechargeable Security Guard

Cheap, high quality stun gun batons

The 3-in-1 Rechargeable Security Guard was designed for police and security guards but is also available for civilian use. It has the same look and feel of heavy duty halogen flashlights used by security personnel but we have added an ear piercing 130 decibel alarm and powerful 600,000 volt stun gun for additional security. At 15 inches long, the Security Guard will keep you have a safe distance from your attacker while giving you the option to defend yourself by sounding the powerful alarm, hitting the attacker with the baton, or stunning him with 600,000 V! Just test firing this unit into the air is often enough to stop an attacker. As a bright electric current pulsates around the top of the baton it creates an intimidating electrical sound that can often stop a would-be attacker in his tracks. If the sight and sound of the electric current and the personal alarm are not enough to stop him a jolt of 600,000 V certainly will! Because the halogen flashlight could be used for long periods of time we have made the unit rechargeable in order to save on batteries.

  • Two levels of protection: alarm and stun gun. The alarm can be activated to scare off a would-be attacker and summon help. If the alarm is not a strong enough deterrent, the stun feature may be used
  • Halogen Flashlight: the halogen bulb that is several times brighter than an ordinary flashlight
  • Rechargeable: recharge card (included) plugs into a standard wall outlet to save you money on batteries
  • Conveniently Located Slide Switch: easily activate the stun baton, alarm, and flashlight with your thumb
  • Heavy Duty Construction: with its aluminum shaft and ABS plastic head, the quality of this unit is unlike anything currently on the market
  • Safety Switch: prevents accidental discharge
  • One Year Warranty: Streetwise Security Products are of the highest quality and come with a one year warranty.

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Review Of The Streetwise 3-in-1 Rechargeable Security Guard Flashlight Stun Baton

By Fabiola Castillo

If there is a flashlight baton that is comparable to the Maglite brand flashlight batons, it is the Streetwise 3-in-1 Rechargeable Security Guard. I have used flashlight batons over the years for home security and have found them to be not only durable, but also reliable.

The 3-in-1 Security Guard measures 15" in length and has a handle circumference of 4-1/2". The handle is made of aluminum with a non-slip grip. The lamp circumference measures 6-1/2" and is made of ABS plastic. Just like a Maglite flashlight baton, it is bigger in the light bulb end and tapers to the smaller circumferential size in the aluminum handle end. The light bulb is a halogen bulb which is several times brighter than a regular flashlight.

A Maglite flashlight baton can weigh as much as 24 oz. including batteries. With the Security Guard, however, you do not have to worry about weight since it weighs a very puny 9 oz. The cool thing about the Security Guard is that it already contains an integral rechargeable battery core. That means you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars a year on expensive alkaline batteries since this flashlight baton> already comes with a recharger cord that you can attach to the wall outlet. After your Security Guard flashlight baton is fully charged, it is ready for use.

Why is it called a 3-in-1?

The Security Guard flashlight baton contains three features.

  • stun gun
  • flashlight
  • personal alarm

Again, this is a combination unit compared to a Maglite flashlight which only shines light or a traditional stun gun which only has a stun feature.

Additionally, you have the added benefit of a personal alarm on this unit to scare off an assailant or to notify others at a distance that you are in danger.

What are the effects of the stun gun feature on the assailant?

  • Touching your attacker with the contact probes for less than one second will result in minor muscle contractions and have a repelling effect.
  • Touching your attacker for one to two seconds will cause muscle spasticity and a dazed mental state.
  • Touching him for three to five seconds will cause loss of balance and muscle control along with total mental confusion and disorientation. If you stun him, he will stay down long enough for you to call for help.

What about accidental discharge?

There is a safety switch at the butt end of the aluminum handle. Just switch it on and a red LED on the handle tells you that the unit is on and ready for action. The three features of the Security Guard are only operable if the safety switch is in the "on" position. This prevents accidental discharge of your self defense baton.

Are your hands full? Not a problem, the Security Guard also comes with a carrying strap so that you can carry the baton with you like a purse or a tote bag.

This is a great self defense tool that you can use at home or keep in your car. For women who need added peace of mind, this is the stun gun baton that is perfect for home use.

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