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Stun Guns

With one of the largest selections of stun guns and TASERs available online, there is a something to protect nearly everyone at NinjaCOPS. Our small and compact cell phone stun guns pack anywhere from 800,000 to 4.5 million volts, while models from top brands including Stun Master and Streetwise easily incapacitate any attacker in a matter of seconds. Confidently protect yourself by placing an order today online or via our order hotline at 513-442-5082.

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Stun Guns Transform Struggle Into Survival

You offer a quick good-bye to your friends as you walk towards your car, located just on the other side of the park that you've walked through, jogged through, and played through countless times. The sky is not yet completely dark and the park is not yet completely empty as you hear the sounds of other groups of friends, similar to your own, gathered to enjoy one of the last beautiful weekends of the summer.

As you pass by rows of lilies, slowing to take in the scent, you hear the unmistakable echo of heavy footprints on the path behind you. Before even fully grasping how near or far away these steps may be, your throat is forcibly closed by a large tattooed forearm. As what may be your last breath quickly escapes from your lungs, and your vision goes speckled and dark, you summon the strength to reach for the stun gun you keep conveniently within your reach.

With a quick raise of your arm and the press of a button, 500,000 volts are dumped into the meat of your attacker's forearm, causing an instant spasm allowing for your escape. With a shriek and a gurgle, you hear your attacker crumple and fall as you race to your car and call the authorities.

You watch from the safety of your locked automobile as your attacker struggles to move for the five minutes it takes for police to arrive.

As your attacker is cuffed and arrested, unlikely to ever put anyone through such an ordeal again, you leave your car to provide a statement to authorities.

"You were lucky to have the stun gun with you," the officer states.

You nod in agreement and remember the day you first found this site.

For years, stun guns have been trusted by individuals, security agencies and police departments as perhaps the most effective form of non-lethal self-protection.

By dumping high levels of energy into a body, think anywhere from 300,000 to more than one million volts, stun guns bring about complete energy loss in any attacker unlucky enough to be caught within its prongs.

Because stun guns are relatively easy to use and conceal, they have become one of most popular methods of non-lethal self-defense and come available in a variety of shapes and styles ranging from stun gun flashlights to stun gun pens.

As with any other product, especially those geared around self-protection, it is recommended that consumers take care and conduct research prior to making a decision for what product best fits their needs.

While a top of the line stun gun can offer an unprecedented level of self-protection, a sub-standard model can offer a dangerous level of false security. And even the most effective stun gun requires the clarity of mind to be able to use it properly when facing a close quarter attack.

At NinjaCOPS, we offer our customers the most effective products for their own personal self-protection - not just stun guns. Of crucial importance to us is ensuring that should you ever experience a scenario, like the one we offer directly above, you have what you need to survive. This is of far greater importance to us than simply selling a product that will not provide for your own personal needs.

If you have a question about any product that you see above, including how it works, how best to receive training - or even alternate options - we encourage you to contact us directly prior to ordering at 513-442-5082.