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Firefly Stun Gun Combo Pack--650

Firefly Stun Gun Combo Pack--650
Item# SGFIRE65

Product Description

Giant stopping power that fits in the palm of your hand! The new Firefly Self Defense Combo Packs are in huge demand! Because of the Firefly’s Hi-power and all the freebies included, the combo pack is perfect for the person looking for a complete personal safety solution. Getting “Bang for Your Buck” is an understatement with the Firefly Self Defense Combo Pack. The concept of a self-defense kit is nothing new, and our PEAK kit (Personal Emergency Action Kit) have been best sellers for years. But for the first time, we are offering a complete package, including the batteries. This is an OUTSTANDING value to anyone considering a stun gun and/or pepper spray purchase. First we throw in the incredibly powerful Firefly Micro Stun Gun which is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand or in a cigarette pack. Then we include a holster “FREE”($5.00 value), a super hot attacker stopping keychain pepper spray “FREE”($12.95 value), 3 Hi-power Lithium Ion batteries “FREE”($15.00 value) and last but certainly not least a “FREE” key release ($3.00 value) that allows you to disconnect the pepper spray from your keys to quickly respond to any threat. Men keep the Firefly for yourself and give the free pepper spray to your wife, girlfriend or other important person that you care about. Make no mistake the Firefly is a very serious defense item and is available in 3 different voltages: 350kv, 650kv and 950kv. Of course we always recommend getting the highest power possible, but all are very effective and there is one priced for every budget. So don’t let price stop you from buying the most advance technology in stun devices available, as any protection is better than no protection. There’s still more! Also included is a lifetime warranty. If your Firefly malfunctions at any time, for any reason, send it back and we will replace it free of charge. Just pay a very minimal fee for return shipping. Pepper Spray is also warranted for 30 days from purchase for manufacturer defect only. 650kV Combo Pack #SGFIRE65