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The Runt Stun Gun--4.5 Million Volts

The Runt Stun Gun--4.5 Million Volts
Item# RUNT-45

Product Description

4.5 million volts pulse stun gun

It’s bantam with a bite. It’s easily concealable, and virtually undetectable in the hand of a man or woman.

What your attacker doesn’t see will drop him like a roach who has ingested a little too much Black Flag. The Runt uses new cutting edge micro-technology to deliver super powered protection from a palm sized paladin.

There are three voltage levels so that you can pick your attackers poison. You can carry the Runt in your hand or pocket. If you would like to wear it like a pager there is a heavy-duty nylon belt loop holster included. Batteries included.

This unit is perfect for women of all ages, and works for men as well. Order the Runt today for virtually invisible protection. Only 3.25" tall. Available in 2.5 million or 4.5 million volts.


Lithium Battery

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Stun Gun Training and Practice Methods

By Richard Armen

It is very common for people to purchase stun guns for self defense, but have no idea what to do when they need to use it. Stun devices are very effective when used properly, but you must know how to use them if you plan to defend yourself with one. Knowing how to use it will also give you the confidence to use it when you need to.

When you purchase your stun device, read the brochure or directions and learn about the features included on the model you have chosen. Most are straight or curved, with a grip and trigger like a gun. This style should be held as you would hold a handgun. Others, however, look more like a cell phone or a pager. You do not want to be caught fumbling with your personal stun device, trying to figure out how to turn it on. Besides turning it on, you will also need to turn off the safety switch, which prevents you from shocking yourself with the stun gun.

wireless x12 taser lls stun gun, state lasw for consumer stun gun use, how much voltaage to make a stun gun effective, plans for stun gun, zap stun guns Next, learn how it works. The stun gun disables your attacker by sending an electrical pulse through the body, disabling muscle control. In order to be effective, the device must be touching your attacker while you press the button. There are two prongs at the end through which the current flows. Both must be pressed to your attacker's body. It takes two to five seconds, depending on the voltage, to disable the attacker. For best results, the stun device should come into contact with the torso, rather than the extremities.

When practicing, be sure that no part of your body, including your fingers, is anywhere near the stun gun's contact probes after you turn off the safety switch. Practice pulling the stun gun out of your pocket or purse and moving the safety switch on and off quickly. Doing so will enable you to use it quickly and effectively during a self defense situation.

To see what the charge looks like, turn the stun device on. Your stun device will emit a crackling noise, and blue sparks will fly between the two prongs. Never practice with a live stun gun on anyone. Police often undergo this unforgettable experience during training; and say that "anyone who has experienced the jolt of a stun gun will remember it forever." This device causes excruciating pain, and should never be used except in an actual self defense situation.

If you have a TASER device, you should practice shooting the probes at a target about five to ten feet away from you, such as a bush. The probes of a TASER device should be at least six inches apart from each other, but both should land on your attacker's body.

You can also practice potential self defense scenarios with a partner, as long as the safety latch is on. Using the device on an attacker must be second nature. Have your partner "attack" you from behind and try to wrestle the stun gun away from your grip. With the safety switch on, practice connecting the stun gun with your partner's body before they are able to get it away from you.

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