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Police Equipment
By Peter Emerson

United States has a compound level of policing and law enforcement services. These refer to the federal police, state police and county police. Along with this, there also includes special-purpose district and local police. There are approximately 18,000 independent police agencies in the U.S. Law enforcement varies on different degrees at different levels of government agencies. It is also commonly entrusted with the responsibilities of discouraging criminal activity and preventing the occurrences of crimes. Other functions provided by them include the service and enforcement of warrants, writs and other orders of the courts, providing first response to emergencies and other threats to public safety. They are also required to protect certain public facilities and infrastructure, maintain public order, protect public officials, and work on some correctional facilities. This is usually at the local level.

triple k holsters, magazines, triple k leather, brand, triple k fence, manufacturingThe job of a police officer is full of risks and dangers. Police officers undertake the job knowing there is a risk of being injured or killed. However, this does not mean that officers should not take measures to protect themselves. Police officers are required to win every physical conflict so that they may continue to serve the public. They cannot carry out their duties if they are injured, crippled or killed. Public safety and officer safety take precedence over the offender's safety. The offender decides whether to defy or comply. The offenders may often be armed and dangerous. As such while dealing with the same the police officer should be well equipped.

Apart from equipment or weapons meant for combat the officer is also required to be well equipped with other gear, which provides convenience and comfort. The equipments used by police officers may include apparels, baton holders, boot clearance centers, duty and garrison belts, badges or insignia and chemical spray carriers. Apart from this they may also carry clipboards, eyewear, flashlights, gear bags, handcuff cases, holsters, knives, magnum tactical apparel, pager, phone and radio holders. They may also carry nylon duty gear, organizers, restraints, safety equipment, speed loaders and organizers. Equipment required by police officers play a very important role in helping them carry out their duties.

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