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Stunning Ring Pepper Spray

Stunning Ring Pepper Spray

Stun ring pepper spray

Only one squirt in the eyes of your attacker will make him cry, "uncle!" The chemicals will cause excessive burning and stinging. Get one today at NinjaCOPS or by calling 513-442-5082.

Stunning Ring Pepper Spray--Gold
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Stunning Ring Pepper Spray--Silver
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The Benefits of Pepper Spray Rings
By Ross Bainbridge

Pepper spray is the most popular self-defense spray available today. Its cayenne pepper-derived chemical compound causes massive dilation of the capillaries in the pupils, and acute inflammation of the lining in the bronchial tubes of the respiratory system, making assailants go temporarily blind and find much difficulty breathing. A few short seconds of pepper spray in the assailant’s eyes incapacitates him on a physical level, not a sense level as with tear gas. That way, it is effective against attackers who are immune to pain – such as psychotics, drug fiends, etc. Tear gas can not do that. And with pepper spray, the attacker stays down for a few to 45 minutes, allowing the defender plenty of time to get away and call law enforcement.

wholesale finger ring pepper, spray key defender, the stunning, self defence pepper spray, ring, where to buy, pepper and spray and ring, in nashville tn, self defense ring, rings, reviewNormally, pepper spray comes in canisters of varying sizes and capacities, from one-ounce key chain attachments to full-size home units. All pepper spray products are effective not only on humans, but also animals. Postal carriers are known to carry pepper spray on their belts.

Now, you can buy it in the form of a pepper spray ring that fits on your finger. These smart little gadgets would go well in a James Bond, Batman, or X-Men film. They are attractive little numbers containing up to two seconds’ worth of pepper spray. All you do to activate it is unlock it with your thumb, aim your fist at the attacker, and press the trigger with the same thumb. The spray will discharge up to three feet.

If you have trouble finding a pepper spray ring at your local hardware store, firearms store, or supermarket, you can buy one online. Look for “pepper spray ring.” Ask your local police department about their legality first.

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