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Monadnock PR-24XTS Expandable Side Handle Baton

Monadnock PR-24XTS Expandable Side Handle Baton
Item# 792298011010
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Product Description

Aluminum side handle police batons

The convenience of an expandable baton with the grip that lets you take care of business.

  • Expands from 14.5" to 24"
  • Positive lock keeps the baton extended until you push the release button
  • Knurled grip with Trumbull Stop
  • Precision engineered aluminum frame
  • 1" diameter polycarbonate shaft
  • Black
  • Weighs 24 oz.

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Review of the Monadnock PR-24XTS Side Handle Police Baton

By Fabiola Castillo

The infamous PR-24 police baton is seen in the movies and the TV show COPS. You may have seen this cool device on the belt of the policeman who pulled you over. Security guards carry it when they are on patrol. Wherever you have seen it, it is one of the most versatile pieces of weaponry used by police, security, and the U.S. military.

Where did the PR-24 baton come from?

The concept for the PR-24 baton was borrowed from the ancient Okinawans who used a similar side-handle stick called the tonfa, tong fa, or tuifa.

Supposedly the original tonfa was used by Okinawans as a handle on a millstone used for grinding grains. Seeing that this farm tool fits nicely along the entire length of the forearm by gripping the perpendicular short handle, Okinawans used this tool as a defensive weapon against Japanese invaders.

What is the PR-24XTS made of?

The PR-XTS police baton contains an external hollow shaft made of aluminum. Inserted within the shaft is a polycarbonate stick. Perpendicular to the aluminum shaft, there is a handle, also made of polycarbonate, that is screwed onto the body of the aluminum shaft.

When the operator grabs the handle and flicks the baton, the polycarbonate stick expands out from the hollow shaft and locks itself into a fully opened 24" weapon. With the push of a button, the weapon closes to a mere 14.5". The entire unit weighs 24 oz. and is manufactured by Monadnock Lifetime Products.

What is the PR-24XTS used for?

Traditionally, the Okinawan tonfa was used both as a striking and a blocking weapon. Nowadays, policemen who use it to strike a suspect can run the risk of getting a lawsuit. The PR-24XTS is used more as a control device to coerce the suspect into compliance with the officer's commands. Offensively, either end of the baton can be used to dig into the suspect's pressure points. Defensively, the body of the weapon that conforms to the forearm can be used to defend the user against any striking attacks from the suspect.

Ultimately, an operator can use this elegant weapon as a striking weapon against an attacker if and only if the user is provoked or serious bodily injury to the user is imminent.

The advantages of using a PR-24XTS are that it leaves minimal cuts on the attacker unlike a knife. Secondly, the baton in its extended position creates a psychological deterrent on the part of the suspect.

When searching for a public safety telescopic police baton, the PR-24XTS receives two thumbs up. It is versatile, lightweight, and compact and is perfect for undercover, detective, or patrol use. It is perfect for the security professional who does not have to worry about a bulky 24" baton dangling from his hip whenever he is on foot or car patrol.

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