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Mineral Nutritional Supplements

By Jean Helmet

Mineral nutritional supplements provide the dietary minerals necessary to maintain specific body functions, such as muscle building, tissue regeneration, and blood cell production. Although required in lower quantities, vitamins and minerals are often deficient in regular meals. Many people take mineral supplements to make up for the lack of dietary minerals due to weight-loss diets, or to prevent related conditions such as goiter and anemia.

new vision essential, what minerals are essential, chelated minerals, manganese supplements, livestock mineral supplements, organic supplements, fda soluble mineral supplements, supplements, vitamin and mineral supplementsThere are several types of mineral nutritional supplements available. Each one serves a specific purpose, and it is important to choose the right one for your needs. Some of the most common are iron and folic acid, which improve the production of red blood cells, chromium, an effective digestive aid, and calcium, which helps strengthen the bones and prevents bone problems related to aging. Mineral supplements fall under these general categories:

Metallic minerals--Metallic minerals are much like those found in rocks. These include chromium, iron, and mercury. They guard against bacterial infection and improve the quality of blood. Zinc also helps cure acne and other skin problems. They are found in trace amounts in various kinds of seafood. These mineral nutritional supplements are taken in very small doses, as they are very heavy and toxic.

Chelated minerals--These are basically metallic minerals wrapped in an organic material, usually an enzyme or amino acid. This wrapping process is called chelation. Chelated mineral supplements have the same function as metallic minerals, but because of the organic coating, they are more easily absorbed and much safer for the body. However, they also cost a lot more.

Organic colloidal minerals--Organic colloidal minerals are processed through source plants instead of chemical means. They occur naturally in grains, nuts, fruits, and vegetables, and as supplements, they come in their natural forms. This makes them very easy to absorb and process, so they work much faster. They are also non-toxic, making them safe for daily consumption.

Ionic minerals--These mineral nutritional supplements come in the form of ions, or “incomplete” molecules. They are absorbed almost immediately by the body, because the ions cling to body cells to make themselves whole. Organic colloidal minerals are still much safer, but there are organic supplements available in ionic form.

IMPORTANT: Metallic minerals are dangerous in large quantities. Industrial minerals, such as mercury and cadmium, easily build up to toxic levels with regular exposure, even in non-dietary forms such as inhalation. Take these mineral nutritional supplements only under prescription, and never exceed the recommended dose.

Make sure that your supplements do not contain harmful contaminants and/or ‘extenders’ such as sugar, silica, etc. Stick to brands manufactured by companies that are pharmaceutical GMP compliant.

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