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Double lock police handcuffs

Law enforcement professionals carry important equipment to protect themselves and their community. NinjaCOPS offers a variety of law enforcement equipment such as police batons and Smith and Wesson handcuffs, that is useful to everyone.

ASP Handcuffs Restraints

By Justin Hofer

Evil that men do, imprisons them in Handcuffs!

Good and well designed handcuffs are essential for restraining those who transgress the thin hairline that separates 'good' from 'evil'! Handcuffs signify the best there is in the law enforcement services and nearly all who are involved in this career make it a point to procure the best restraining medium available in the market. A company manufacturing world class restraining medium like handcuffs also requires including the best training in the use of these products. ASP etc train by ensuring a curriculum that is vastly accepted by police personnel around the world. It is interesting to see why some brands are so very popular in many countries of the world.

handcuffsQuality Handcuffs are like a well manufactured Swiss Watch!

You must remember that the Swiss are real experts in manufacturing the most accurate, long lasting, and efficient watches that most of us wear on our wrists. Handcuffs on the other hand (or really both hands) are also used on the wrists and must be an efficient restraint to be effective! Therefore precision, quality and ease of usage, and most important of all comfortable are the significant features of any pair of handcuffs. The product may appear to be insignificant to many people who are ethical and do not believe in anti-social activities. However, to the law enforcer, pair of handcuffs dangling from his waist and baton in the hand is two of the most important and secures implements that are invented to deal with the crime world.

The Best Handcuffs cannot be taken for a ride!

Handcuffs are no ordinary restraining medium! Each and every part of the instrument is carefully designed to assure the user of its safety, security, and restraining properties. If you were a cop would you like your prisoner to escape by slipping out of his handcuffs - Never! ASP and other producers not only design using sound concepts but also the material and machinery used to manufacture various types of handcuffs is standardized as per established norms. High strength stainless steel, proper plastic durable coating, double lock assemblies and secure key systems, comfort hinges, chains, precision geometry and bearings all add to the product that can carve out a niche in its own category.

The Users as Designers and Training

Handcuffs such as ASP are built through feedback from many law enforcers around the globe to provide one of the most popular and efficient constraint instrument in the police force. Training is normally provided by manufacturers to ensure perfect usage of handcuffs, their maintenance, proper storage, and security features. The instructions are generally as detailed as in an effective curriculum of well known Universities!

The training staff is highly experienced in the use and instructions of ASP handcuffs enhanced by the fact that they are actual law enforcement personnel who can impart the most useful practical training to others. It is a normal human trait that if you have the power and authority to restrain people from doing wrong deeds, you also may be tempted to exercise that certain cruelty that is common in the human species. The instruments manufactured and training schedules envisaged incorporate this possibility and include methods that do not attract unhealthy criticism from the populace.

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