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Collapsible Ninja Grappling Hook with 33' Rope

Collapsible Ninja Grappling Hook
Collapsible Ninja Grappling Hook
Item# collapsible-ninja-grappling-hooks

Product Description

Collapsible ninja grappling hook with 33' rope

A grappling hook was used by ninjas to scale walls, climb trees, and aid in quick escapes. This grappling hook is specially designed to fold flat when not in use. Heavy duty black finished steel. Compact and easy to carry. Comes with 33' nylon rope. A ninja warrior necessity.


The Batman Comics

By Michael Russell

The Batman comics are about action.

Bruce Wayne is a millionaire and has butler named Alfred. Bruce spends most of his day dealing with his companies. When he is finished with his day of work, he fights crime in the streets of the city during the night.

how do you make a grappling hook, gun, homemade make a grappling hook, grappling hook information, grappling hooks ropeThis superhero is different from others, due to the fact that he has no superpowers. He relies on his gadgets and bat suit to fight crime. The bat suit looks a bat, and it is bullet proof. It also has a cape that turns into a glider whenever he freefalls from multi-story buildings. This helps him land safely and makes him seem as though he is flying like a bat. This suit also has a belt but it is not a normal belt, it is a utility belt, and it carries all of Batman’s gadgets used for crime fighting.

One of the most used gadgets is called the grappling hook. This gadget is like a gun, but has a hook loaded in it that is attached to a rope. Batman uses the grappling hook when he needs to reach the top of a high building from the ground. He points the grappling hook at the building and pulls the trigger. The hook fires into the air and clamps onto the edge of the building. He then presses the trigger again and the rope launches him to the top of the building. This gadget also is use for swinging through the city.

Batman faces lots of criminals who have guns, and he has a gadget called a batarang which takes care of them. He just throws the batarangs at the criminal and knocks the gun out of their hand. When he criminals are trying to run from him, he uses a similar gadget which incorporates a rope which emerges when thrown and ties up the criminal.

Batman also has gas capsules which he uses to escape. He just throws the capsule down on the ground and it creates a gas that fills the room and he disappears.

Batman’s car, the Batmobile, is equipped with a high tech computer which can scan the area for crime. It also has a built in gun and smoke screens. This is a high powered car that has fire in the tail pipes. When the car is going at top speed and needs to make a narrow turn, Batman just uses the grappling hook that is built in to the Batmobile. The hook comes out of the door, connects to a lamp post and allows him to make the narrow turn.

The Batman comics are not all about the gadgets. Batman is a great detective and solves criminal cases. Using his detecting and crime fighting skills, he keeps the city free of crime.

This comic is not like other comics that have super heroes because this hero mostly fights during the night time and uses only his gadgets and ninja skills.

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