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Auto Dialer with Security Alarm

Auto Dialer with Security Alarm

Product Description

Buy our new home security, wireless alarm system.

Often times crime happens when no one is around to notice and the crooks are long gone by the time anyone does. Now, you can protect your home or office with the AUTO DIALER SECURITY and SAFETY ALARM.

The Auto Dialer is a unique passive infrared system that monitors motion in an area you select. When the unit is ARMED, the motion detector watches the protected area. Once movement is detected, a 105db security alarm will sound and the Auto Dialer will call up to 5 preset telephone numbers selected by you. The Auto Dialer can also be used in Chime mode, such as in a store, where a chime will alert you when motion is detected. The Auto Dialer is easy to set-up. Install a 9V battery (not included), connect the AC adaptor and telephone line (included). Then mount the Auto Dialer to the desired location 5-6 feet above the floor.

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  • Motion Sensor Detects Motion and Activates Auto Dialer
  • 14 Digit Large Number Display with Date/Time
  • Programmable Security Code, Entry Delay Timing
  • 5 Emergency Telephone Numbers (Up to 14 Digits)
  • Pause Key / Panic Key / PROG Key
  • Battery Low Indicator (Shown in LCD)
  • Tone Dialing Only
  • Alarm/Door Chime Switch
  • Built-In 105dB Alarm (With Programmable Alarm On/Off)
  • Adjustable Sensor Head
  • Test Mode Function
  • AC Adaptor Operated (Included) With 9-volt Battery Backup (Not Included)
  • Wall Mountable

Wireless Home Security Alarm System - Your Defense Against The Intruders

By Anthony Lee

Installing a wireless home security alarm system is an investment that is all worth it. Such is a form of security that would nonetheless give you the peace of mind as you fall into a deep slumber at night or go out of the house to attend to your personal businesses and concerns. You need not only consider protecting your property but the lives of your love ones as well. You would not want to risk all of these important factors in your own life, right?

There are numerous wireless home security alarm systems which could be put in and be ready for use at about twenty four hours. The master control for that may be mounted just within the premises of the main entrance of your home. A keypad may be used to activate it. When trying to deactivate the code for the wireless home security alarm system, you need to punch in a code.

The deactivation code for the wireless home security system may be deactivated at any time you like especially if you think that its security has been already compromised. If ever the alarm in the system sounds, do not immediately enter the pass code to terminate it since the designated law enforcer would get contacted.

Whether or not you are all at home, away for a much needed vacation, or are simply busy going about the hustles and bustles of your errands, you could rest assured that your home is safely guarded against the intruders that may at any time ruin the peace in your property. Whenever you are away from home and then the alarm sounds, do not fret because in just a couple of minutes the needed help would soon arrive.

The number of the alarm keypads that you would like to install in your own home would depend on its size. When the alarm gets triggered, a loud noise that is like that of a siren bursts out, the outside lights gets activated, and the auto dialer automatically works to contact the police department about any burglary activity within the premises of your home.

There are likewise wireless home alarm systems which are affiliated with alarming for medical emergencies so people who are all by themselves may get help in cases of injuries or illness. All you need is to assess your needs when deciding for the installation of the wireless home security alarm system in your own domicile.

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