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Antioxidant Supplements

By Jean Helmet

Antioxidants are all over the public advertising today, TV news or paper, there’s always something about antioxidant supplements. And it is fair enough. They are due their credit from a long time. In fact, the most beneficial supplements are powerful antioxidants. It is now appropriate to nourish your body with a powerful antioxidant supplement, it is probably the smartest thing to do.

Types of Antioxidants

antioxidant sclerocariae, powdered shakes with antioxidants and lowering cholesterol, caffeine antioxidant, benefits of coffee, tea, cold tea antioxidants, antioxidant structure-activity relationship, antioxidant supplements vitamin increased riskLet’s take a profound look and learn how we can differentiate one antioxidant from another. This is because, not all antioxidants are the same. You can make a broad classification of weak antioxidants and strong antioxidants.

Typical vitamins are a good example for weak antioxidants. Vitamin C and E both perform the role of an antioxidant but they are relatively weak.

Conversely, there are nutrients that are used in quality antioxidant supplements. These are powerful, relatively very expensive and cannot be found in typical multivitamin formula. Some of these are factually hundreds of times more dominant antioxidant supplements than the vitamins.

Below are some of such examples:

Green tea

Green tea extract is a concentrate made from green tea itself. This is available in some antioxidants. Asians, especially the Japanese, usually drink a lot of green tea daily. It is believed that this is the reason that makes them strong and enables them to enjoy longevity and less disease.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha lipoic acid is regarded as a very special and powerful antioxidant.


Resveratrol is the substance found in red wine. This received major news coverage, a couple of years ago in the New York Times.


Turmeric is a persistent native to India, and has a long history of use in India's Ayurvedic medicine. Turmeric root extract is made into a strong compound called curcumin. Curcumin is used for flavoring and in spices, in preparing many Indian dishes. Apart from good taste, it also offers a lot of health benefits.

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