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Airsoft Guns

Buy cheap, good quality, spring loaded Airsoft guns.

Airsoft Spring Air Guns are styled after some of the world's most famous firearms. Spring Air Powered handguns are true to scale and easy to operate. How they work...Pull back the slide (just like the real firearm they are modeled after) to charge the firing mechanism. Aim and fire. Spring Air models must be manually cocked each and every shot. Because of their maintenance free design and affordability, these are excellent entry level AirSoft guns for the hobby and the recreational enthusiast.

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100 12-gram Premium BB's

Note: All Airsoft guns will come with the orange tip to denote that these products are toys as required by law.

All About Airsoft: History and Now
By Justin Kander

Airsoft by definition is a sport where players simulate military or law enforcement combat by using airsoft guns (which look a lot like real guns, to add to the realism) and other airsoft gear. The game of airsoft was developed in Japan, where firearms were (and still are) almost impossible to get without resorting to illegal means. An alternative was developed, and that alternative was airsoft. Because of this, it is no surprise that airsoft is actually most popular in East Asian countries such as China, Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea (North Korea is more interested in using real guns!)

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The three types of airsoft guns are spring, electric, and gas. Spring guns are usually cheap but can get very expensive if they fire at a high FPS. Electric, also known as AEG, guns are powered by a battery and the main advantage is that they are automatic, but are generally not very powerful unless upgraded. Gas guns are the most powerful, and gases supported include carbon dioxide, propane, green gas, red gas, and high pressure air (HPA).

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