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Item# 2816R

Product Description

High-Concentration Extraction from Tomatoes

Dietary Supplement

Exposure to ultraviolet light and even the action of the body's immune system in combating foreign micro-organisms can slowly deplete the body's Lycopene reserves. The constant bombardment of the body by UV radiation may reduce the body's ability to fight disease and maintain healthy cell structure.

Replenishment of the body's Lycopene supply can help bolster the body's defense mechanisms, resulting in greater protection of the body's enzymes, DNA and cellular lipids.

Lycopene eliminates a particularly destructive form of oxidation called free radicals. In fact, it's more than twice as powerful as beta carotene at quenching free radicals. Lycopene is also one of the most abundant carotenoids in human blood serum and is the most abundant carotene in prostate tissue.

A recent Harvard study indicates that men with a high intake of tomato-based foods may enjoy greater protection against prostate cancer, and many experts believe that the Carotenoid, Lycopene which gives tomatoes their rich, red color, may play a crucial role in their protective power.

Lycopene is the powerfully-protective carotenoid, principally found in tomatoes.

Each easy-to-take softgel supplies a high concentration of Lycopene - 5 mg., approximately as much as in one pound of tomatoes.

Supplementing the diet with effective doses of Lycopene can enhance the body's ability to fight disease, and also strengthen cellular integrity and function.

No Sugar, Salt, Starch, Preservatives or Artificial Colorings Added.

Quantity: 100