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Taser X26C--Black

Taser X26C--Black
Item# 26009

Product Description

Taser X26C for sale

The TASER X26C is light weight and software upgradable. Utilizes a digital power magazine which not only powers the X26C but also remembers energy use and calculates life expectancy of the the magazine. A central information display indicates battery level, a countdown timer during an activation and warranty information. 6"(L) x 3.2" (W) x 1.3"(H)

  • 1 X26C
  • 1 soft holster
  • 6 cartridges
  • digital power magazine
  • manual
  • training materials
  • practice target and carrying case


Taser X26 Review, Is This Electroshock Gun Effective?

By Hahn Baker

Taser technology has been on the market for considerable time and improvements have been made in both their design and effectiveness. In extreme cases, individuals have been able to withstand a shock from a Taser without being seriously incapacitated. If those individuals had experienced the stopping power of the Taser X26 at the time, there would be a different outcome.

Black TASER X26C, 26009There is a good chance that it is the most effective electroshock device on the market available to consumers. The Taser X26C is designed based on the X26 that is used by the police to subdue assailants rather than cause permanent injury. In case you are new to the technology, the device emits a high voltage low current electrical discharge. On pulling the trigger, two electrodes are propelled from the device with compressed nitrogen and these deliver the electrical discharge. On holding down the trigger, the muscles of your assailant will experience uncontrollable twitching and they drop to the ground.

The device also assists you with aiming as it includes infrared targeting that is effective during night and day. Turning off the safety activates the infrared beam and the beam also has settings that can be configured by the user. The Taser X26 model has seen some improvements over the M26 as it uses a different method to achieve barrier penetration. The M26 electroshock device is effective but uses more energy to penetrate barriers such as clothing and skin by using a blunt pulse. The X26 uses a shaped pulse enabling it to penetrate barriers more efficiently while using less battery power.

Electroshock devices are more versatile than devices such as pepper or chemical sprays as they must be aimed accurately at the face of your assailant. In addition, the contents of the spray could literally backfire on the user if used on a windy day. TASER devices work effectively regardless of where the electrodes land on your assailants body. Should you enter a situation where you run out of cartridges, you can still use the device to defend yourself. Simply holding the device against your assailant while pulling the trigger is another measure you can use to effectively incapacitate them.

This particular device includes six cartridges as standard, they are replaceable and have a range of up to 15 feet. To power it, a unique digital power magazine is included allowing for at least 150 uses. For more details on the technology behind this electroshock gun and information regarding its availability, check out this detailed review.

Hahn Baker has reviewed the Taser X26 and analysed its effectiveness at incapacitating assailants. For further details on its features and capabilities, check out this Taser X26 review.

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