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Super Papaya Enzyme--250 count

Super Papaya Enzyme--250 count
Item# 2054U

Product Description

New Amazing Hollywood Diet Pill

Numerous tabloids across the country recently revealed that Papaya Enzyme tablets are working wonders for weight control among the Hollywood movie stars. The articles report that beautiful Kirstie Alley is the latest star to jump on Hollywood’s papaya enzyme bandwagon and the weight is dropping off and she looks like a "million bucks."

Papaya enzyme tablets have been used as a safe and effective digestive aid for years. Now it has been reported that the Hollywood stars are using these healthy, tasty and SAFE pills for weight control.

Chewable Tablets - Natural Tropical Papaya Enzyme Formula

Description: Papaya is naturally-rich with powerful "proteolytic" enzymes which can increase the rate of metabolic action in the body. These enzymes assist digestion of proteins, carbohydrates, and fat.

These tablets are made from nature's finest ingredients: including Papaya Melon, Papain and Protease (protein digesting enzymes), Alpha-Amylase (starch digesting enzyme), Bromelain (protein digesting enzyme from pineapple), Lipase (assists in fat digestion) and Cellulase (major constituent of vegetable fiber, assists digestion).

Super Papaya (Freeze-Dried) is combined with natural Peppermint and Chlorophyl for refreshing breath. After meals, reach for Super Papaya Enzyme tablets, nature's prescription for better digestion. Chew 1 to 4 tablets as a dietary supplement after each meal. (Total intake: 3 to 12 tablets daily).

EachTablet Contains: Amount Per Serving
Freeze Dried Papaya Melon 0.5 mg
Papain 12.0 mg
Protease 0.8 mg
Alpha Amylase 0.9 mg
Bromelain 0.2 mg
Lipase 0.2 mg
Cellulase 0.3 mg

Quantity: 250