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The Complete Idiot's Guide to Kickboxing

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Kickboxing
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Product Description

With The Complete Idiot's Guide to Kickboxing, there's a new way to get the body sweating. This guide covers the ancient art and modern kickboxing, kickboxing gear, and how to build leaner legs and a better butt. Learn power punches--cross, hook, upper cut, overhand, as well as the spinning back fist, stabs and slashes. Idiot-proof steps guide you through footwork, target practice, and stretches, allowing you to tailor beginner, intermediate, and advanced workouts. Covers every level in the ring--lightweight, middleweight, heavyweight, super heavyweight.

The Many Benefits of Kickboxing

By Sydney Garrison

Kickboxing is an exciting, high intensity workout. The sport combines two different types of martial arts - Tae Kwon Do and Mauy Tai with aerobics to create a face paced workout with numerous benefits and little equipment to purchase. Most gyms offer kickboxing classes and there are special schools that specialize in it.

When you begin kickboxing, you should wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing that allows you the flexibility of movement required for the sport. You can kickbox barefoot or you can purchase special martial arts shoes. You can use hand wraps and gloves, but they are not required. Most classes will supply any equipment that you need, such as speed bags, gloves and jump ropes, so you wont have to worry about that. Before you begin, you should evaluate your current fitness level. If this is the first time in quite a while that you are participating in a sport or workout, you should check with your doctor to ensure that your health is good. Classes vary in difficulty and fitness level, begin with an easy class so as not to get hurt or get discouraged by too difficult routines or moves. A class will typically begin with jumping rope for a few minutes and then will move on to drills comprised of kicking, punching, jumping jacks, calisthenics, pushups, ab work and shadow boxing. You should also expect to do some stretching before and after your workout to loosen and lengthen your muscles.

Kickboxing is such a great sport because it combines so many areas of fitness. After a few weeks of classes, you will begin to notice changes in the tone and feel of your body. You will be breathing easier due to the aerobic aspects of the sport. You will notice an improvement in your hand eye coordination and in your reaction time. What sets this apart from other workouts, is that you will learn some self defense moves and techniques which can help protect you. As you get better at kickboxing, you can increase your workout and master more difficult moves. Now is the time to move to a more difficult, challenging class.

Kickboxing is such a great sport. If you are looking for a wonderful way to get in shape while learning moves that could someday save your life, then this is the perfect sport for you. Check with your local gym to see what classes are available. You may even want to ask if you can sit in on a few to see what they are like and what fitness level is required. This will help you decide what is the best way for you to begin.

Sydney Garrison is an avid cyclist and sports enthusiast. She is also a partner in an online bike rack store.

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